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"Aaron is a caring and insightful instructor and fierce performer. Professionalism and passion at its best!" ~Ashlyn Keller Silver

"Extremely detailed oriented and passionate about making sure the product he produces is 100 percent." ~Cherise Bryant Ortiz

"We’ve taken dance lessons at a few different venues. Aaron Coulson is far and away the best dance instructor we’ve come across. He is a good teacher. Very skilled. His background as a career performer is apparent in his professionalism. 10/10, highly recommend."

~Andrea Harwood Palmer

"I first met Aaron when he brought a small group of entertainers to a charity Christmas event. The show was just right for the family audience. He knew who he was presenting for and it was so engaging!"

~Kate Nash

"My wife and I first got to know Aaron as our ballroom dance instructor. What a great guy! I had never danced before and walked in that first day feeling very vulnerable, but Aaron met me at the door with a huge smile and immediately set me at ease. He is a patient, awesome instructor that quickly helped us to achieve our goals. Aaron has such a huge heart that he and Christy are foster parents taking in hurting kids. I know him well, been to his home, and he’s the real deal. He’s got my recommendation."

~Mark F. Matthews

"Aaron’s energy is infectious. I highly recommend his ballroom classes and his DJ services. He puts people at ease and treats everyone like family. Always a good time when an event is hosted by Mr. Coulson!"

~Renee Beth Cartier

Have Known Aaron for a long time! Have seen shows he is in, has seen shows he has choreographed and been to his ballroom class! Very professional and versatile ! Recommend his services highly!!" ~Kathleen Kelley

"Aaron is full of positive light and will inspire and motivate you! My entire family takes his dance classes and we are so grateful to have him in our lives. He is so talented in acting, dance, and voice instruction. We attended several events where he was the DJ, so much fun! His charismatic presence brings out the best in everyone! Bring your dancing shoes! Such a blessing to our community! Thank you!" ~Russo Dar

"5 stars. Go with a pro. You’ve found one!!!" ~Christy Tice

"Aaron's enthusiasm is awesome thanks so much" ~Brook Withal

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